China has become recognized as a major bearing manufacturer, and its bearing output ranks third in the world!

Our country has always had some breakthroughs in various aspects. The technical field is a place that we value very much, and we are also developing in this area. After all, this will have more possibilities.

We are recognized as a super large bearing country so far, and according to the data in 2014, our bearing output can reach 19 billion sets, which is now the third in the world.

Although it has not been able to reach the first place, we have achieved better development results in terms of industrial development.

In the progress of the entire development field, we have also gone through a relatively long time of breakthroughs. Now we have some good abilities that have emerged, and everyone feels very happy. For us who are more capable of industrial development, we have The field started relatively late, so the ability is relatively weak.

However, the outstanding achievements in bearings have also allowed countries around the world to have more capacity improvements. We have tens of thousands of researches in this field.

Various concerns have made everyone think that there are more development possibilities, but now China has made a breakthrough in high-end bearings, and now it can still achieve an accuracy of 0.7 per thousand. This accuracy also allows us to directly compare with foreign countries. The bearing has doubled.

Long-term development requires the joint support of some abilities, so it can give everyone a greater degree of motivation for development. After such a long period of time, China’s bearings have now achieved such good development, and I believe that there will be more development in the future. More possibilities for achievements.

Post time: Sep-11-2020
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